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Best Dua For Wife Love in Islam

When a man decides to marry, he begins the search of finding the most suitable woman. Before beginning the search of a wife, a man should first take blessings of Allah and his elders. The dua for wife will help a man find the perfect woman with whom he will be able to begin a married life soon.

Best dua for wife in Urdu is a remedy that is helpful for unmarried men. Men who are waiting to find the perfect woman for marriage should begin performing this dua as soon as possible.

Dua For Good Wife In Islam

In Islam, a good wife is one who loves and respects her husband. A wife should always stand with her husband during the difficult phases of life. She should always make efforts to keep her husband and his family happy. In the modern world, finding a woman who gives more importance to her husband and his family is very difficult. The dua for good wife in Islam is the best way for men to seek Allah’s help in finding a wife that fulfills all the expectations they have from a life partner.

Dua For Wife LoveAfter marriage, every man has the responsibility to make his wife happy. He also has to take care of her health. A man is responsible for providing everything as per her needs. A lot of times when a wife gets sick, men get worried. Apart from seeking medical help, they should also perform the best dua for a wife in Quran.

If you want to keep your wife always happy, then you should make the dua for my wife regularly. Basically, this dua is used to take blessings from Allah so that he keeps all the harmful things and negative energies away from your wife. This dua will always help you in keeping your wife happy.

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Dua For Wife Love

In a lot of marriages, it is very difficult for women to love their husbands. This situation can be very heartbreaking for men. When a couple gets married, it becomes the primary duty of the husband to make his wife happy. The lack of love from the wife’s side becomes an obstacle in this promised happiness. A lot of men feel that their wife does not love them. The solution to this problem is the dua for my wife to love me. This is a dua that gives men the strength to make their wives fall in love with them. It is also possible that the wife is in love but does not have the courage to express her love. This dua will make them find the strength to express their love for their husband very easily.

Dua For Controlling WifeEvery man wants a beautiful and pious wife. People who prefer a beautiful but non-religious woman should always remember that looks can be deceiving. Any beautiful woman who is not religious does not have a pure soul. Sometimes, due to over aging many men are ready to get married to any woman. This can happen using the dua for your wife in Quran. There is a lot of dua in the holy Quran that is very helpful for people who are waiting for their perfect life partner. Every man wants to get married to a loving wife. Marriage is a concept of companionship where two people promise to be each other’s life partner. Every husband and wife has the responsibility of being a companion to each other.

If you are a man who is searching for a compatible wife, the dua for a wife will be of great help. With the regular use of this dua, you will be able to find an amazing woman who will truly love you. Apart from loving you, she will become the anchor of your life. She will always support you in your difficult times.

Dua For Controlling Wife

Unfortunately, a lot of men get married to women who control everything about their husbands. Such wives can be a headache in any man’s life. Men who are stuck with such a wife always look for ways to solve this problem.

The dua for controlling wife is a remedy that can solve the problem of the controlling behavior of your wife. This dua will change your wife’s mind and she will easily let go of her controlling habits.

Recite “LaaHawlaaWaalaQuwaataaIllahBillah” throughout the day as many times as you can. This dua will soon show its results and your wife will change her controlling habits.

If you want more help about the dua related to wife, then contact our Maulvi Sahab.

Dua For My Wife To Love Me

When two people get married, they promise to love each other for the rest of their lives. Every husband expects his wife to love him and his family. Nowadays, a lot of women are selfish and do not marry for love. They get married to the financial and social status of a man and does not necessarily love their husband.

A loveless marriage becomes a burden for a lot of men. The frustration of not being loved by their wife can be very stressful. To let go of this frustration, the dua for my wife to love me is the best solution. This dua will give you control over your wife. With the power of this dua, you will be able to develop the feeling of love in your wife’s heart. She will soon become the wife you dreamt of. She will love you wholeheartedly and will never even think of leaving you.

All the men who are going through the problems of not finding a wife, the dua for a wife is helpful. With the help of this dua, you can easily find the woman of your dreams. As soon as you find her, you can send a marriage proposal to her parents. This dua will also help you in getting your marriage proposal accepted.

How to Make My Wife Happy?

A lot of men come face to face with the bitter truth of finding the truth of their cheating wife. This bitter truth can be very traumatizing. A lot of men decide to leave their wives after getting to know about their cheating habit. There are a lot of men who love their wives dearly and are ready to give them another chance.

The dua about how to make my wife happy is a remedy that will bring your wife back to you. A lot of marriages have a lot of problems like extra marital affairs and trust issues. With the help of this dua, every man can work on clearing all the problems of his married life.

Best Dua For Wife In Urdu is an Islamic dua that has helped a lot of men in finding the best wives for themselves. Let us now tell you how to perform this dua to get the best results.

  • After doing wudu, sit on your prayer mat in a quiet place.
  • Begin reciting Darood Shareef. Recite this for three times.
  • Then, recite Aayat Al Khursii for 41 times.
  • Recite Darood Shareef for three more times.
  • After this, ask Allah Taala to help you in finding a pious and loyal wife soon.

Dua For Husband And Wife Fighting

All of us dream of having the perfect marriage. In real life, it is impossible to have a perfect marriage. All the husbands and wives have a lot of fights and issues in their married life. But no fight should get big enough to break a marriage.

Some couples are always fighting each other. The lack of communication and understanding can create a lot of issues. These fights can worry their family members as well. If you know a couple who is always fighting, then you can suggest the dua for husband and wife fighting. This dua will help them find and resolve the root of all their issues.

  • Sit in a quiet corner to begin the process of this dua.
  • Keep a glass of water in before you.
  • Recite this dua:“WalKaazimeenalGhaizaaWalAafeenaaAanninaaaasiWaallaahoYohibbulMohsineen” for a hundred times.
  • Drink this water yourself and make your spouse also drink it.
  • Continue this process for 45 days and you will see a positive change in your life very soon.

If you want to know more about these duas, you can directly talk to our Maulvi Sahab and clear all your doubts.

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