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Dua For Breaking Engagement – How To Break Someone’s Engagement

Getting engaged is the official step that is taken by a couple in the journey of marriage. For a lot of people, taking this official step seems to be impossible. The issue of not finding a suitable marriage proposal is the biggest obstacle in this situation. To remove all these obstacles, begin performing the dua for engagement as soon as possible.

The dua for an engagement is a remedy for all those people who want to settle down but are unable to find a suitable partner for them. In a lot of cases, even when two people have agreed to marriage some problems keep them from getting engaged. These problems can sometimes create a stressful situation for you and your family.

Dua For Engagement

Being able to marry the person you love is an impossible situation for a lot of people. As soon as the parents find out about their child’s love life, they decide to marry them to a person of their choice. This situation is a very painful experience for any person who has been dreaming of love marriage.

Wazifa For Breaking EngagementPeople being forced by their parents to get married to a strange person need the dua for breaking engagement. If you do not want to marry the person chosen by your parents, then you can also perform this dua. This dua will give you the power to control your parents’ minds. You will be able to change their decision of marrying you against your choice.

Wazifa For Breaking Engagement

Parents can sometimes make a decision of selecting a match for their child without even knowing their true nature. They just judge the person on the basis of their looks and family background. It is impossible to know the actual personality of a person within a few meetings.

How To Break Someone's EngagementA lot of people get to know the true personality of the person they are supposed to marry even before getting married. The negative side of anyone’s personality can be a scary aspect. This aspect might make you search for ways through which you can break your engagement.

The wazifa for breaking engagements is the best remedy to break your engagement. Always keep in mind that you must use this wazifa only if you have strong reasons for breaking your engagement. You should never try this wazifa for your selfish reasons.

How To Break Someone’s Engagement

When a couple falls in love and wants to get married, society becomes the biggest hindrance to their happiness. Because of society, the parents of the couple do not agree with their love marriage. Along with the disagreement, parents also forcibly get their kid engaged to another person against their choice.

Is your lover is also being forced by their parents into an arranged marriage? Do you keep on thinking of the ways of how to break someone’s engagement? The dua for breaking lover’s engagement is the best solution to this problem.

Let us first tell you that you should never try this dua to break the engagement of a person who does not love you. If a person has broken up with you and is moving on by marrying someone else, then you should never use this wazifa as revenge. The process of performing the dua for breaking someone’s engagement is mentioned below.

  • This dua is performed before going to bed.
  • Perform wuzu and sit to pray.
  • Recite Darood Shareef once.
  • With a pure heart, begin reciting the Surah Ikhlaas.
  • Then, ask Allah to break the engagement of the person you truly love.

Insha Allah, you will soon get the best results and the engagement of your lover will be broken.

If you want to know more about this dua, then please contact our Maulvi directly.

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