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Dua For Bride and Groom – Dua After Nikah Ceremony

Dua After Nikah Ceremony For Groom

Dua After Nikah Ceremony For Groom

A newly married couple will always wish for happiness and love in their married life. To keep their marriage happy, the dua for bride and groom after nikah should be compulsorily recited. With the help of this dua, both the bride and groom will be able to get Allah’s blessings before beginning their new life together. This dua helps them begin a happy married life with each other along with the blessings of the Almighty.

It is also very commonly seen that the new bride and groom get affected by the negative energies. There are many people who get jealous of the happiness of the couple. With their evil intention, they use black magic to harm the couple and ruin their happiness. To avoid such a bad thing from happening to anyone you know, you should suggest them to read the dua for bride and groom after nikah. This will help them in keeping away the evil and negative intentions of a bad person from their nikah ceremony and their married life.

Dua For Bride And Groom

When a marriage happens, not only the bride and groom but their families also get tied in a lifelong relationship. Both the families try everything to make the newly married couple feel happy and loved. The men and women of the families regularly perform the dua for the bride and groom. This dua is performed to bless the couple with love and happiness for their lifetime.

The dua after the nikah ceremony is another name for the dua for bride and groom. It is performed by every person who wishes for the couple’s happiness. The families along with the bride and groom recite this dua so that no harm happens to their married life. The elders of the family specifically perform this dua to keep all the negative energies away from the couple. Read this dua for bride & groom after nikah in Islam.

Allaahumma Innee As’aluka Khayrahaa, Wa Khayra Maa Jabaltahaa ‛Alayh,

Wa A‛oodhu Bika Min Sharrihaa, Wa Sharri Maa Jabaltahaa ‛Alayh

The couple that has recently gotten married should recite this dua when they step into their room to begin a new life together. Before beginning with their marital duties, they should perform this dua with each other to take Allah’s blessings for their new life.

Dua For Bride Before Nikah

Dua For Bride Before Nikah

When a girl gets married, not only she leaves her family behind but she also becomes responsible for another family. This responsibility should always be taken with the grace of Allah. Whenever a person is about to begin a new chapter in life, they should firstly take the blessings from the Almighty. The same is the case for a bride. The dua for a bride before nikah is the best way for a bride to ask for Allah’s guidance in the new phase of her life.

The dua for bride and groom before nikah is also performed by the mother of the bride. This dua makes sure that all the negative energies and black magic tricks stay away from her daughter. It also makes sure that her daughter’s nikah ceremony happens without any obstacle or issue. There is a similar dua that is performed by the mother of the groom – dua after nikah for the groom.

Nikah Dua For Bride

When a woman becomes a bride, she should perform the nikah dua for a bride. This dua is suggested to be performed so that a woman can feel ready to begin her new life with her husband. This dua helps her in loving her new husband and his family.

With the help of nikah dua for the bride, a woman asks for Allah’s help in fulfilling all her duties as a wife and as a daughter-in-law. This also helps her in winning the heart of her husband and his family within a very short time of the marriage.

Nikah Dua For Groom

Just like the nikah dua for the bride, the nikah dua for the groom is performed by the man who has just gotten married. This dua helps him in realizing his duties as a husband of his new wife. Along with taking care of his family, he will also make his wife a priority. He will never step back from his duty of making her feel loved and happy in their marriage.

If you want to know more about the dua after nikah for a groom or dua for bride and groom , please talk to our Maulvi Sahab.

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