Dua For Happiness in Marriage Life

Every human wants to be happy in life. If you ask someone that what do they want most in life? Everyone would have the same answer- happiness. Unfortunately, it is not possible to only have happiness in life. Grief is an equal part of any human’s life as well. If people have the courage to fight this grief, then it makes the sadness sufferable. The dua for happiness is the best remedy to keep the sadness away from your life and also finding the strength to fight it if you are going through it.

People go through a lot of problems in life that seem never-ending. Such problems can bring a lot of stress and depression in a person’s life. The best way to get rid of these problems and bring back the happiness in your life, person should practice the dua for finding happiness.

Dua Of Happiness

Happiness is the feeling of feeling joy and contentment for all the good things in life. When people have a balance of all the emotions and are satisfied with their life. This satisfaction could come from having a successful career and a happy marriage.

Dua Of HappinessThe exact opposite of happiness in life is the feeling of sadness. There are a lot of people who do not have the satisfaction of having all the privileges in life. People face a lot of personal and professional problems together. The dua of happiness is a remedy that helps a person face all the problems of life with courage. With the help of this dua, a person can gather the strength to get rid of all the difficulties in life.

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Dua For Family Happiness

Every woman and man wants their family to always be happy. When a couple begins their married life, they always take the blessings of Allah to keep their relationship and family always happy. When a woman gets married, her husband’s family becomes her family as well. Along with her husband, it is her responsibility as well to keep the family happy always.

Dua For Family HappinessThe dua for family happiness is a way to ask Allah to keep your family always happy. This dua is the best way to keep all the negative aspects and harm out of your family’s way. This dua is also very effective in always keeping a peaceful environment in your family.

A lot of families have a lot of members who are always in a dispute with each other. These family members always find a reason to create issues and ruin the peace of everyone in the family. With the help of this dua, you will be able to resolve all the issues in the family. All the disputes will disappear very soon if you practice this dua with a pure heart.

Dua For Husband Happiness

Every marriage needs a lot of effort from both the husband and wife. Every partner has to make sacrifices and compromises on their part to keep the marriage balanced. The dua for happiness in marriage is a remedy that helps both the partners understand the importance of their marriage.

Because of this dua, a husband and wife begin to work together to resolve all their issues. This Quranic remedy for keeping your married life happy has changed the life of a lot of couples. The couples who were on the verge of taking a divorce are now living together happily because of this dua.

Let us now tell you the correct process of performing this dua:

  • Sit down to pray after making fresh ablution.
  • Read Darood Shareef thrice.
  • “Bismillaahiarqeek, min kullishay’inyu’dheek, min sharrikullinafsin aw ‘ayninhaasid, Allaahuyashfeek, Bismillaahiarqeek.” Recite this dua for 211 times.
  • After this, recite Salaawat three times.
  • In the end, ask Allah to bless you with happiness in your married life.

Within 11 days of practicing this ritual, you will be able to resolve all the issues in your marriage.

If you want more help regarding this dua, you can talk to our Maulvi Sahab at any time.

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