Dua For Husband Love To Wife

Islamic Wazifa for Husband Love to Wife

Islamic wazifa For Husband Love To Wife

We have all heard that marriages are made in heaven. Every girl dreams of having a loving husband who cares for you. A husband who loves everything about you is meant for the most destined woman. Sometimes, even after getting married some husbands do not care for their wives. Some men tend to take their wives for granted. No matter what women do for their husbands, they are not appreciated for their efforts. If your husband does not care about you, we have a remedy that will help you. The dua for husband love to wife is a powerful Islamic dua that will bring back the chemistry in your married life.

Islamic dua for husband love is a powerful dua that should be used by the women who feel that their husband does not love them. Sometimes husbands are shy and they hesitate to show their love they have for their wives.

If you want your husband to express his love for you without any hesitation, then the Islamic wazifa for husband love to wife is the best remedy for you. Practicing this remedy is very easy.

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Dua For Husband To Listen To Wife

Marriage in Islam is not just a tradition but a duty also. Every man has a duty towards his wife to make her happy and content. If you think your husband is not fulfilling his responsibility of loving you, then you should use wazifa for husband love to wife. This Islamic wazifa is the solution to all the problems between a husband and wife.

Some husbands under the influence of their family and friends start distancing themselves from their wives. A wife always has a fear of her husband being unfaithful to her. If you have a doubt on your husband, then you need the dua for husband to listen to wife. This dua is a powerful remedy to make your husband obedient. Apart from obedience, your husband will also start respecting you.

Dua for Husband and Wife to Get Back Together

dua for husband listen to wife

With the use of this dua, your husband will always seek your advice in every decision he makes. He will also blindly follow every decision you make. Even if you are wrong, he will not hesitate in going against his family to take a stand for you. If anyone tries to create problems in your married life, your husband will quickly fight that person. The dua for husband and wife to get back together is a strong dua that will help you in controlling your husband.

Let us now go through the steps to follow during the dua :

  • Sit down on your prayer mat after ablution.
  • Recite Durood Shareef after salat of Chashat.
  • Recite YaaWaalliyo for a thousand times softly.
  • Read Durood Sharif 11 times again.

If you perform this dua for a week with devotion, you will start seeing positive changes in your husband soon. Allah will bless you both with a happy married life.

If you need more help to win your husband’s love, you can contact our Molvi directly.

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