Dua to Control Husband in Islam

After marriage, every woman wants her husband to give her the most important place in her life. When a woman begins a new life with her husband, she expects him to love and respect her the most. Leaving her whole family behind to begin a new life, she has the right to demand love and respect from her husband. The dua to control husband gives a woman the power to make her husband respect her.

When a woman is about to get married, she is suggested to perform the dua to control her husband. This suggestion is often given by the elder women in the family. With the help of this dua, a woman gets power in her married life. She can make her husband obey her in all the matters she wants.

Wazifa to control husband

Controlling her husband should not be done by women for any evil intention. The reason a woman should want to control her husband should only be to get his love. A wife always has the right to demand love from her husband.

Dua for Controlling HusbandThe wazifa to control husband is the best Islamic remedy that is used by women to make their husbands love them. This wazifa makes the men realize the importance of their wives in their life. Because of this wazifa, men who have been ignoring their wives start to appreciate them. They realize the efforts their wife makes to keep them happy. Soon, these men start making effort on their part to keep their wives happy.

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Dua for Controlling Husband

In their married life, some women are always scared because of their angry husbands. They are always afraid of their husband’s anger. Smallest of mistakes done by them can create a huge problem in their married life. Because of the fear of their husband’s anger, these women are always under a stress.

Happy couple embracing and laughing on the beachTo calm your always angry husband, you should perform the dua for controlling husband’s anger. This dua is an effective remedy, through which a woman can calm down her husband’s anger. This dua works on the problems that are the main reasons that make the man angry. These problems may be caused by other people or maybe work related.

Wazifa for Husband Controlling

If you are tired of your husband’s family creating misunderstandings in your married life, then wazifa for husband controlling will help you. This wazifa will make your husband realize the misdeeds of his family and he will start supporting you. If someone says something to him against you, he will always support you first.

But a woman should always keep in mind that this dua should always be used with pure intention. If your husband’s family is actually creating problems for you, then only you should use this dua. You should not become selfish and use this dua to keep your husband away from his family.

  • Sit to pray after ablution.
  • Recite Durood Shareef five times.
  • Begin chanting YaaWadudoo for a hundred times.
  • Now ask Allah to make your husband a calm person and respect you.

With this dua, your husband will soon start understanding your point of view. He will soon start loving you back and will respect you as much as you respect him/

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