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Dua and Wazifa To Get Wife Back

Dua To Get Wife Back

Have you had a clash with your wife and she has left you? Do you think that you have let your wife down and you need to put more effort into your relationship?  Do you want to rectify your mistakes and make more efforts for your wife? If you have done something bad which has hurt your wife and she has left you and gone, then remember Allah gives everyone a chance to say Tauba and rectify their mistakes. If you want to resolve the issue and bring your spouse back, then you should recite dua to get wife back.

The dua will not just make your worldly life better but will also make you a good Muslim and help your hereafter. If you fulfill all your duties and responsibilities as a husband, then you will not be just be rewarded in this life but hereafter. If you have doubted your wife’s character and she has left you because of this grave mistake, then you should really be apologetic. Apart from being sorry for your mistake, you should also perform wazifa to get wife back. The wazifa will sure shot melt the heart of your wife and she will come back to you in no time.

Wazifa To Get Wife Back

Dua To Get Wife Back

Life without your partner is pathetic. You cannot find a purpose to live. Hence, a lot of men who in their anger and haste throw their wives out of their life regret later. If you regret the bad you have done to your wife, then now is the time to repent. Seek forgiveness from Allah talah and your spouse and make dua to get back your love and Insha Allah your better half will definitely come back to you. She will forgive you and your relationship will be stronger and better than before.

Allah Talah has given women a generous and forgiving heart. She can forgive her partner easily. All you need to do is seek her forgiveness and she will forget everything of the past and come back to you. If you are looking for the right dua in this regard, then feel free to contact our scholar for it. He will give you a suitable Quranic dua for it.

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Dua to Bring Wife Back

Dua to get wife back is given below:

Inni Ahbabto Hubbal Khairi An Zikre Rabbi Hatta Taweraat Bil Hijaabi Yuhibbuhum Wa Yuhibbu Nahu Azillatan A’lal Moameneena A’ Izzatin Alal Kaferina

  • Recite this dua after performing the namaz of Fajr 100 times.
  • Also recite, Surah Al-Qariah 21 times. 
  • Then pray for the return of your wife.
  • Then think of her and blow it on her.
  • Insha Allah within 21 days, your wife will come back to you.

If you keep making dua with a pure heart, Allah Miyan will certainly listen to your prayers and bless you with all you desire. It is important not to hurt your wife in anyway, but if you have done so, then repent for it as soon as possible and seek forgiveness of your better half and Almighty. Do not hesitate in apologizing.

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