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Surah Dua For Broken Heart – Dua for Heartbreak

Heartbreak is one of the strongest and saddest feelings in a person’s life. Any person who has been in a relationship knows the feeling of heartbreak. Being broken-hearted causes a lot of depression and sadness especially when there are no more chances of reconciliation with your partner. If a person is sensitive and emotional in nature, going through a heartbreak becomes more difficult for them. To get rid of this difficulty and to let go of the sadness, one should recite the dua for broken heart also known as the surah dua for a broken heart.

Many people perform various remedies for their broken hearts. This is done to get healed from the emotional suffering that they are going through. This dua for a broken heart, is a very powerful remedy, which gets them healed fast and makes their heart strong for facing any other heartbreaking situations in the future.

Going through the first-ever heartbreak in life can be one of the saddest phases of any person’s life. When a person falls in love, they dream of a beautiful life with their partner. These dreams are often shattered when they realize that their partner has not been loyal to them. When you get betrayed, all your expectations get shattered you start looking for a dua to heal broken heart.

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Dua For Heartbreak

Dua For Healing Broken Heart

We all know that heartbreak for many people can be a painful experience. While this painful experience can make you disinterested in other aspects of your life, you should never let go of your duties towards other relationships in your life. To make sure that you do not get highly affected by the heartbreak you are going through, you should perform the dua for heartbreak.

Just like the dua for broken heart, the dua for heartbreak will help you in getting rid of all the depressing thoughts that you have in your mind and heart. One should always remember that a single person or relationship should not have the power to snatch away your life. One should learn to always find happiness and solace from other relationships in life, so that their life can never get depressed.

Dua For Healing Broken Heart

Dua For Heartbreak

After a breakup, many people wish to get their past lover back in their life. They feel so attached and desperate that they feel to have their lover back, that they are ready to try everything for it. When nothing works, their love has to face the pain of separation. The only solution after a breakup is to heal yourself by a dua for healing broken heart.

With the help of the best dua for broken heart or healing also known as the Surah for broken hearts, any person can get rid of their bitter past. Past should never be carried as baggage in a person’s future. One should always try to move past their bitter memories and should work hard in creating good memories in the future.

The dua for healing broken heart gives a person the strength and courage to move on in life. It is said that forgetting the person you loved is not an easy task. You would be surprised to know that this dua can make this happen. With the help of this Islamic surah, one can easily let go of the pain of one broken heart and can move on in life.

Dua To Get Over A Broken Heart

Whenever a person faces the difficult situation of heartbreak in life, they should always go to Allah for help. Allah helps a person smoothly go through the most difficult phase of life and live a happy life in the future. The dream of a happy future can be made possible with the help of the dua to get over a broken heart.

The process of performing the dua to get over a broken heart is written in the steps mentioned below.

  • Recite the surah for broken heart after isha prayer.
  • Chant this verse “YaaHayyuyaaQayyoom, bii Rahmaatikaastagheeth” for a hundred times.
  • Then chant this “YaaHayyuYaa Qayyum, Astagfirullaah”
  • Ask Allah to help you in letting go of all the painful memories and move on in life.

If you want to know more details about this dua, then you can talk to our Maulvi Sahab directly.

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