Evil Eye Protection Dua From Quran

Evil Eye Protection Dua

All of us know that Allah is the most merciful. He has taught us all to just have faith in him and he will protect us all. He wishes for us to have a life where we work hard to achieve our goals. Even though the Almighty wants us to have an easy life but this does not mean that we will not have to face hardships in life. By hardships, we mean to say the difficulties of having a life as per the sayings of our holy book. Allah says that he always protects us from evil eyes, shirks and the negative intentions of enemies. To always be blessed with his protection, we just have to recite the evil eye protection dua on a regular basis.

Dua For Evil Eye Protection
We should understand that these duas are not miraculous that show results within a snap. We have to continuously keep on reading them to see the results. The continuous recitations of the evil eye protection dua are a way to show Allah the faith we have in him. This dua is read to show him that we believe he is looking upon us and will protect us from anything negative that wants to harm us.

Dua For Evil Eye Protection

There are many people who think that people around them are envious. Sometimes we get a feeling that people around us are not happy because of the happiness and success we have in our life. All of a sudden shift of happiness to sorrow is also said to be the doing of an evil eye. For the people who feel like this, the dua for evil eye protection is a method to bring peace in life.

The word al-ayn is an Arabic translation of the word evil eye. This word refers to a person who harms others with their eye. When someone begins to like something, they might begin to have an evil feeling for it. When this evil feeling affects the thoughts of the person, repeatedly looking at the thing he likes might feel like jealousy. Any person who puts an evil eye on someone else is said to be jealous or envious. The dua for evil eye protection is a prayer that is read to seek refuge from those people who are envious of others. Evil eye of a negative person is like an arrow that destroys the peace and happiness of the person towards whom it is directed.

Evil Eye Protection For Home India

Not just people but the home as well can become a victim of evil eye. It is very rare to see a family happy. The troubles of the world make it hard for any family or home to stay united. The selfishness and greed of some people becomes the evil eye for the whole home. This is why the elders of the family suggest the evil eye protection for home in India.

Evil Eye Protection For Home India

Evil eye protection for home India is helpful for those people who are shocked by the sudden sickness that has affected their family. The biggest effect of evil eye is the sudden sickness a person experiences. The dua for evil eye protection for home India is a very effective remedy to get rid of the evil eye that has affected your home.

Evil eye protection for home in India is a preventive method that helps people from getting affected by negative people. However if someone feels that their home or family has been affected by evil eye then they can read the dua for protection from evil eye.

Dua For Evil Eye Protection From Quran

The holy Quran has many remedies that are helpful in good and bad times of life. There are many hadeeth from the Prophet (PBUH) that speak about the effects of the evil eye over a person or a family. It is said that reciting ruqyah for protection against evil eye is also suggested by the elders of the family.

We are now going to tell you how to perform the dua for evil eye protection from Quran for babies as well as family.

  • Reading surah Ikhlas, Surah Falaq and Surah Nas every morning and evening is helpful in getting rid of evil eye. To protect your baby from evil wye, wipe your hands over them before they go to sleep.
  • Reading the Al-Bukhari every morning and evening provides protection to your family against evil eyes. You can also ask all your family members to recite this prayer before stepping out of the house. This will protect them from all the negative people and energies.

To know more methods for protection from evil eye, you can contact our Islamic scholar. He has the best remedies that will get rid of all the harmful effects of an evil eye from you and your family instantly.

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