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Islamic Dua To Forget Someone You Love

Getting married after falling in love with someone is not destined for every person. In life, people, unfortunately, fall in love with the wrong person who was not destined for them. When a relationship ends on a bad note, a heartbroken person will keep on thinking of how to forget someone u love in Islam. The best remedy to forget about heartbreak is the dua to forget someone.

If you are looking for the best answer for the question, ‘how to forget someone u love in Islam?’, then we can help you. For decades, Islamic astrologers have been dealing with people who want to forget the person they once loved. After a breakup, people obviously would want to forget every good and bad memory of the ex-lover.

Islamic Dua To Forget Someone You Love

Going through the phase of heartbreak, people are desperate for a remedy that could help them in forgetting their past. They want to forget everything about the person who broke their heart. They want to let go of the sadness and give their life a fresh start on a happy note.

Dua To Get Over SomeoneThe Islamic dua to forget someone you loved is the best Quranic remedy that can help you forget the person who left you. We all know that it is very difficult to forget the person who was once the reason of happiness in your life. The dua to forget someone you love will help you get over the worst time of your life.

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How To Forget Someone In Islam

After a breakup, every person firstly tries to get back with their former partner. For some time, they hope that their lover will come back to them. But when the hope of getting back with your former lover is lost, then you search for ways of how to forget someone in Islam?

Forgetting someone is not an easy thing. The person you once loved from the bottom of your heart cannot be forgotten easily. In Islam, there are many remedies that can help you in forgetting your ex-lover.

Dua To Get Over Someone

After breaking up with someone, it can be emotionally stressful for any person to keep on thinking about old memories. Moving on is not very easy for every person. It is not healthy for a person to always keep remembering someone. The dua to get over someone is the best remedy to move on.

Dua To Stop Loving SomeoneEvery person deserves happiness in life. No person should be the only one responsible for your happiness. Even if a person that was once your love and happiness has left you, you should have the confidence and strength to step up and move on with your life.

Some people in life are just not worthy of anyone’s love. When a person falls in love with a person who does not understand the value of true love, then the person who loves them suffers the most. If you also have fallen in love with a person who does not care about your feelings, then you need the dua to stop loving someone.

Dua To Stop Loving Someone

The dua to stop loving is the remedy that helps people in getting rid of toxic relationships. Toxic relationships can be very harmful for a person. They can create a sense of depression in a person. Because of a toxic partner, a person often starts questioning their self-worth. They start believing in the negative criticism their partner has for them.

If you think your friend or any relative is in a toxic relationship, then you should suggest them this dua. This will help them gain confidence and they will find the courage to leave their negative partner. They will get the strength to stop loving their partner and will finally move on in their life.

No person wants their past to affect their future. There are times when people think about their ex-lover and think of contacting them. This hope of getting back with your former lover can affect their happiness. This continuous thought of getting back with someone can affect your future because you never pay attention to what is about to come in your life.

Dua To Forget Someone Completely

Dua to forget someone completely is the best remedy that will completely forget about your past relationships. When a person stops thinking about their past, they pay more attention to their present and future. After forgetting someone forever, you can accept another person in your life. The person who is destined for you will come in your life and you will get to spend the rest of your together.

A person should never be with someone who does not love them. If your partner also is not concerned about you, then you should start practicing the dua to remove someone from your life as soon as possible. This dua will help you understand that you are not important in your partner’s life.

Keeping your self-respect in your mind you should use this dua to make up your mind to leave that person forever. With this dua, you can also ensure that your current partner will never come back in your life and you can have a happy future with another person.

The process of performing this dua is:

  • Before going to sleep, take a bath and sit in a quiet place.
  • Start reciting this dua- “laah’awlawalaquwwaataillabillah” for hundred times.
  • Ask Allah to bless your desires and remove your current partner from your life forever.

Insha Allah, within a few days you will find the courage to break up with this person and move on with your life.

If you have any more questions about this dua, you can contact our Maulvi Sahab directly.

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