Istikhara Prayer About Marriage in Islam

Marriage being the most important decision of a person’s life should never be taken in a rush. Whenever a person reaches the age of marriage, they should take advice and guidance from the only one who knows everything, Allah. Allah is the only one who knows everything about our future. So to take his help over the decision of marrying, istikhara on marriage should be performed.

Whenever a man meets a woman, the chances of him liking her for marriage are always high. But we all know that knowing a person’s true nature in a single meeting is impossible. What is more impossible to know is if that person is our destined life partner or not. To get the answer of all these impossible questions, one should perform the istikhara on marriage. This will help them get rid of all the confusions they have about their married life.

Istikhara About Marriage

Till now we were talking about a man’s perception on marriage. Now we are going to talk about why a woman needs to perform the istikhara about marriage. When a woman receives a marriage proposal, it becomes very difficult for her to take a decision about it. Even after meeting the suitor, she can have her doubts about agreeing to marry him or not. A woman should never accept a marriage proposal in haste.

Istikhara Prayer For MarriageBefore marrying a man, a woman should first make sure whether the person she is marrying is a genuine and religious person or not. A person who is not true to Allah can never be committed to anything in his or her life. To find out the true nature of a suitor before accepting their marriage proposal, performing the istikhara about marriage is the best choice. The process of how to read istikhara for marriage will also be explained down below.

Istikhara Prayer For Marriage

Let us first tell you that both men and women have the right to perform the istikhara prayer for marriage. This istikhara prayer helps them in making up their minds about the biggest decision of their life. This helps them sort out all the doubts and confusions they have about their marital life with their future spouse.

Salat al Istikhara For MarriageThe istikhara prayer for marriage is one of the most effective ways through which a person gets an insight in their future life. The person is performing this istikhara prayer gets to know whether they marriage proposal they have received is destined for them or not. They can also find out the true nature of the prospect they have met only once. With the recitation of this prayer for marriage, a person can easily find out about their marriage with the help of Allah SWT.

Salat al Istikhara For Marriage

Whenever a person goes to a Maulvi for advice over how to read istikhara for marriage, they are always advised to read the salat al istikhara for marriage. The reason behind this suggestion is that this istikhara is the most effective prayer for marriage through which a person can find all the answers regarding their marriage. With the recitation of this istikhara, a person can easily connect with Allah Taalaa and convey all their doubts and questions to him directly.

After the performing of the salat al istikhara for marriage, it is commonly seen that a person sees a dream which helps them in making a strong decision. This dream if positive, makes them realize that what their preference was will help them in the future. If the dream they see has some negative aspects, then they should change their mind and let go of their choices. But one should always keep in mind that not having a dream is also completely normal.

To know the correct process of how to read istikhara for marriage, you can call our Maulvi Sahab.

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